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Band Members:

Adrian Westin -- vocals
Conny Pettersson -- drums
Erik Mċnsson -- guitar
Marcus Wesslén -- bass
André Gonzales -- guitar


01. Judge Me Now
02. Dedication
03. Timeless Quality
04. Break The Silence
05. One Step Closer
06. Walking Dead
07. Headshot
08. From The Beginning
09. Nothing For Granted

This is the Swedish band's debut release. Not much of a Gothenburg sound with them. They're more in the metal core vein. They're heavily influenced by Meshuggah, Machinehead, and Hatebreed. A lot of brutal force and harsh shouted vocals. They aren't definitely bringing any new to the masses but they definitely show that they can kick ass with the best of them. The two guitarists are definitely in lock step with each other and offer you some razor sharp riffs that will scalp the hair off your head. The drumming is also top notch and helps the sonic assault on it's merry way. They bring their rage and anger to the world and we're waiting.