Band Website:

Band Members:
Dave Batovsky -- percussion
Don Baumer -- drums
Chuck Collins -- guitars
Will Doane -- bass


01. Goes To Hell, Mr. Wiggles (Part One)
02. Age Of Reptiles
03. Metal Detector
04. Devil's Activist
05. Axolotyl
06. Residen Advisor
07. Adrenochrome
08. Goes To Hell, Mr. Wiggles (Part Two)

These guys really kick ass. They have a unique style in that not only do they play the usual instruments but they also incorporate other things such as propane and helium tanks and paint buckets and what not in their percussion area and it really adds to the music. Their music is a very complex style of what is best described as metal/prog/punk/noise/math rock. It really blows you away when you hear their stuff. I totally recommend seeing these guys live. Totally fucking amazing.