Band Website:
The Quill

Band Members:

Magnus Ekwall -- vocals
Christian Carlsson -- guitars
Robert Triches -- electric bass
Jolle Atlagic -- drums


01. Keep The Circle Whole
02. Yeah
03. Slave/Master
04. Broken Man
05. Man In Mind
06. Merciless Room
07. Trespass
08. Black
09. No Light On The Dark Side
10. Triumph Is A Sea Of Flame
11. In The Shadows
12. Down

I've heard material from this band before and I'm totally impressed with their material. They have have big riffs and a bluesy rock sound that sound really good together. I think Magnus has one of the best rock voices out there right now. This CD has a very classic rock sound to it and will have you rocking out when you listen to it. This is their fifth release and they put out great stuff every time.