Band Website:
Through The Eyes Of The Dead


Band Members:

Nate Johnson -- vocals
Justin Longshore -- guitar
Chris Anderson -- guitar
Jake Ososkie -- bass
Josh Kulick -- drums


01. Failure In The Flesh
02. The Undead Parade
03. To Wage A War
04. A Catastrophe Of Epic Proportions
05. As Good As Dead
06. Welcome To The Wasteland
07. Malice
08. To The Ruins
09. Dead End Roads
10. Interlude
11. Pull The Trigger

I slipped this disc into the CD player and I thought the speakers were going to blow. This is definitely one fucking heavy assed pummeling album. That alone sold me. What really suprised me is how much this band has changed since I heard Bloodlust. This band has totally fucking reinvented itself. They've gone totally fucking death metal and their new vocalist is phenomenal. I believe he was in Premonitions Of War. Their music is more intense and brutal and their songwriting has totally improved. They have catchier riffs and melodies and good double bass work. They used Erik Rutan as their producer and he really made these guys pour their guts out on this record as well as some blood and sweat. I think this release definitely blows Bloodlust away and shows how much these guys have evolved. Good work!