Band Website:
Urinal Puck Ministries

Band Members:
Kingpin -- guitar
Skeezer -- guitar
Skin -- vocals
Fudge -- drums
Dogg -- bass


01. Bow To The Ministry
02. My Reality
03. Mommy Can I Dance With The Devil
04. Slave To The Puck
05. Poop
06. Welcome To The Sewer
07. Mary Boy
08. Personal Meat
09. I Know Your Mother
10. Dismembered Member
11. Satans Hayride
12. Puppet
13. Clambake Spitshine
14. Im Hungry

These guys are a very cool, humorous band. They blend a number of different styles of music with tongue in cheek lyrics. Very cool guitar work on here. These guys get their punches in quickly and effectively. Some of the songs I got a kick out of were "Poop", "Mary Boy", and "Dismembered Member". These are people who put some fun into music while playing punk and metal influenced guitar riffs. Definitely a cool fun CD to pick up.