Band Website:


Band Members:

Sverre -- vocals, guitar
Victor -- bass
Bergli -- drums


01. Prelude
02. Natal Day
03. Stories Untold
04. Victim
05. Chamber's Disgust
06. Allow No Light
07. Morbid Curiosity
08. Demise
09. Biography Obscene
10. Torches Quenched

I'm back on track reviewing my favorite music which is metal. And this is a band that I have never heard of before. That always excites me to discover something new even if it's just new to me. These guys hail from Oslo which I'm sure is no surprise. They are comprised by dudes from Khold and Old Man's Child. I believe this is their fourth release and it's definitely some good old fashioned black metal that doesn't disappoint. This also happens to be their first album that features lyrics in English because they would like to expand their fan base even though I myself also enjoy listening to lyrics sung in foreign lingos. The record has a raw and heavy production and incorporates strings, horns, and female vocals into their symphonic sound. All in all an intriguing and fascinating listen.