Band Website:
Parana Records


Band Members:

Tunsi -- music, vocals


01. Planetarium
02. Rap Litter
03. Lyric Swords
04. Robotic Flow
05. Micfinatic
06. Drastik
07. The Paper
08. Tell Me Something
09. Tunsi Wrap
10. Rat Man
11. Pursue
12. Help Me
13. Nope
14. What The Music Tells Me
15. I'll Be Back (Skit)

I have once more received some music from Tunsi. He is a rap artist and I have to say pretty much the only one we review on the site and with great pleasure. I'm not much into rap but Tunsi is a very innovative guy who manages to keep my attention focused on what he's saying and he has a lot to say. He manages to deliver very hard hitting social commentary in all of his raps. His lyrical writing is very well conceived and he always has some intriguing musical backdrops to his songs. He produces his own music and does a damn fine job at that. I have to say that my favorite songs on this release is "Planetarium" and "Robotic Flow". I like the way they're delivered and I like the musical backing on "Robotic Flow" especially. "Tell Me Something" is a very cool tune too and has female backup vocals on it. Tunsi is very conscious of the need for social change and each rap is an eye opener. He doesn't do any of that gangsta type shit but really believes in the strive for social harmony. If you want something fresh and innovative then Tunsi will deliver. If you aren't into hip-hop and rap, Tunsi will pave the way for your education in how to do it right. You'll definitely find your head bobbing in time to his tunes.