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Band Members:

Grzegorz Kupczyk -- vocals
Wojciech Hofmann -- guitars, acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar
Dominik Jokiel -- guitar
Bogusz Rutkiewicz -- bass
Tomek Krzyzaniak -- drums


01. Legend Of Thor
02. Maqmra
03. The Man And The God
04. Paranoia
05. Eneida
06. Hermitage
07. The Scroll
08. Opened Doors Of The City

This Polish band has been around for 25 years and it's easy to see why. Their melodic songs are very catchy and you find yourself rocking out to each tune. They definitely are influenced by bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden while having a quality sound all of their own. From the minute you put the CD in, you're in store for a good headbanging time. This release is more in the vein of traditional heavy metal with great guitar playing and harmonic vocals. "Legend Of Thor" is instantly a huge favorite of mine with great guitar riffs and drumming. "Maqmra" has got some fucking intense and intrical guitar work. All in all these guys hold back nothing and you definitely want to crank this baby up to ten.