Band Website:

Band Members:
Neal Schon -- guitar, synthesizer, bass guitar
Igor Len -- keyboards, sequencer
Gary Cirimelli -- drums
Omar Hakim -- drums


01. Blue Passion
02. I On U
03. Timeless Motion
04. THe Chamber
05. Urban Angel
06. Moon Dust
07. Loner's Dream
08. Burning Bridges
09. Highland
10. It Will Happen
11. Taken There
12. Father

I found this CD pretty interesting. Neal usually plays in a guitar rock kind of environment inside of a band. It was cool to see what he likes to get into when he's not in an environment like that. I know people say well this doesn't sound like Journey. Of course not because it isn't meant to. On this CD he explores different kinds of sounds and tempos while focusing on his talented guitar playing. The music is what I would call atmospheric or ethereal. The drums and keyboards and guitar blend in very nicely. It's a very pleasant CD if you're in a mood for some very calm, atmospheric music. No it doesn't sound like Journey or Bad English. It sounds like Neal when he relaxes with a couple of talented guys and out flows some really tranquil music.