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Band Members:

Per Karlsson- - vocals
David Blome -- guitars
Peter Ericsson -- guitars Mattias Osbeck -- bass
Martin Michaelsson -- drums


01. My Guide
02. The Analyst
03. Ghost of The Alchemic Hall
04. Theater Of Fear
05. I Dream
06. Ordinary Sinner
07. Like the Candle
08. The Great Witch Hunt
09. Seventh Sin

This was a record that was released in 2005 but I found it on the desk not too long ago and put it in the player. This band hails from Sweden which has a knack for bringing us some really awesome bands in any genre you can imagine. And yeah, I like ABBA and Roxette and shit like that too. These guys are a very melodic power metal band where everything runs seamlessly. There are no musicians in this band that try to outdo anyone else and and everything is totally in sync. The songs are catchy and totally rock and there's also a ballad on the record called "I Dream" which is a very strong tune. I also like "Seventh Sin" which starts out with a very 80's rock sound and then turns into a very powerful tune. I'm definitely glad to have found this on the desk and can't wait to hear what they come up with next.