Band Website:
Under The Flood


Band Members:

Dave Nadolski -- vocals
Matt Nadolski -- guitar
Brandon Sidebottom -- guitar
Kenn Davis -- bass
Russell Lee - drums


01. Wake Up
02. Alive In The Fire
03. Sickness
04. Face Of A Lie
05. Gravity
06. The Moment
07. Holding On
08. Escape
09. Miracle
10. Healing
11. Long Way Up
12. Believe

I have to start out by saying that my favorite tune on this record is definitely the opening one. I love the way they start the song. The intro is an earcrashing one with the vocalist roaring out of the gate. The songs on the record are a bit heavier than most bands of their ilk and that's what sets them apart. The music is very energetic and melodic. The vocalist definitely has a great voice and a very wide range. The songs are very varied with a ballad and an instrumental and a bunch of good rocking tunes to boot. Definitely a great CD to pick up.