Band Website:
The Underwater


Band Members:

Pat Besecker -- drums
Derek Euston -- bass, vocals
Dan Thomas -- vocals
Brandon Deroche -- guitar
Matt Holmes -- guitar, vocals


01. Dying Every Day
02. Maybe Love
03. Red White And Blind
04. Render
05. Fallen One
06. Let Go
07. Losing Me
08. Bring Me You
09. Breathing
10. Where Love Should Be
11. Redemption

This definitely a very talented band. They hail out of Pennsylvania and have apprarently built up quite a following. They are basically a pop/rock group with a heavy edge to the music. The guitar work is outstanding and the drummer definitely knows his business. He throws in some extra touches here and there. The singer definitely puts a lot of soul and emotion into his vocal work. He can definitely work his voice in different ways for whatever song needs that. The songs are pretty catchy with no filler material. All in all a very good effort.