Band Website:
The Last Act

Band Members:
Jeff Larsen -- guitars, keyboards, backup vocals
Shawn Speirs -- drums, backup vocals
Stan Engelage -- bass, backup vocals
Colin Murphy -- lead vocals


01. Intro
02. Broken Dawn
03. Full Volumage
04. Vision
05. Slave To The Nerve
06. The Memory
07. Rage
08. Guilded Justice
09. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
10. What Are You Waiting For
11. Struggle

I thought this CD was pretty cool. It opens up with a rather mellow instrumental and then it kicks in with "Broken Dawn". It's quite obvious that these guys were influenced by music in the '70s and '80s and they captured that vibe very well while still maintaining a modern edge. The vocals are very melodic and the harmonious and the riffs are nice and crunchy. They have a very progressive sound to them. Definitely a welcome addition to anyone's CD collection.