Band Website:
Orange Sky

Band Members:
Nigel Rojas -- vocals, guitar
Nicholas Rojas -- bass guitar, vocals
Adam Murray -- rhythm guitar
Richard Hall -- keyboards, vocals
Obasi Springer -- drums, vocals


01. It's Over
02. Escape
03. Beautiful Day
04. Home
05. Angels
06. Dogs
07. Peace Train
08. Cast Away
09. Real Love
10. Tug Of War
11. Alive
12. Falling

From out of the Caribbean island of Trinidad comes a very cool rock/metal band called Orange Sky that incorporates plenty of guitar riffs, excellent drumming, a lilting vocal style, and reggae mixed with metal and other musical styles emanating from that island. These guys are very passionate about their music and have very powerful messages in all of their songs. The music is what reels you in and the lyrics are what keep you hooked. They do a cool cover of Cat Stevens' "Peace Train". These guys have played in the United States and hopefully they will keep coming back. These guys have catchy songs, melodic riffs, and a very unique sound that definitely rocks. Pick up a copy of this CD!