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Band Members:

Vinny Corvino -- vocals
Kevin Aponte -- guitars
Andy Romeo -- guitars
James Papa -- bass
Hemi -- drums


01. Energy
02. Orphan
03. Alive And Lonely
04. Lines
05. Whiteknuckle
06. Blow Shit Up
07. Crawl Into Your Bones
08. Kill Your Master
09. Eight Feet Tall Six Feet Wide
10. Bulldozer
11. Hardly Real
12. Rise (Bonus)
13. Born (Bonus)

This CD came across my desk and boy is this a fucking treat. Good solid hard rock music with a metal edge. Just a fucking fantastic wall of music with great riffs, melodies, and catchy tunes. And it definitely has that New York attitude that I love so much. Classic sounding music with a fresh edge to it. This is how rock is supposed to sound.