Band Website:
The Handshake Murders


Band Members:

Jayson Holmes -- vocals
Daniel Wiggins -- drums
John Ridenour -- guitar
Bryan Evans -- guitar
Jeff Kear -- bass


01. Dissector
02. Bloodline
03. Painted Contortionist
04. Messenger
05. Error
06. Mind Bender
07. How To Kill
08. The New Human
09. Apostate
10. Myopia
11. Of Cult And Atrophy

This record is their debut record for Goodfellow Records is a fucking kickass label with a lot of fucking cool bands on their roster. They know how to pick them. The on thing you notice about this band is their fucking monstrous assed riffs. Hits you like a fucking slegehammer. Couple that with pounding assed double bass drums and sludgy assed bass. Add some dissonance and you are in for a sonic asskicking. I'm not surprised that the guy on the album cover has nails coming out of his throat. I think I do too. I think you need this record. Mediocrity no longer exists.