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Band Members:

Jimmy Kunes -- vocals
Carmine Appice -- drums
Tim Bogert -- bass
Jim McCarty guitars


01. Doing Time
02. Muscle And Soul
03. Cactus Music
04. The Groover
05. High In The City
06. Day For Night
07. Living For Today
08. Shine
09. Electric Blue
10. Your Brother's Keeper
11. Blues For Mr. Day
12. Part Of The Game
13. Gone Train Gone
14. Jazzed

This band is a legendary band. If you are not familiar with the band Cactus you need to be. If you're a Carmine Appice fan, you need to research this band. 3/4 of the lineup have reunited with one of the best comeback albums I think I've heard in a while with the exception of Leatherwolf. If you like heavy blues rock then you will love this stuff. It's the band's signature sound without being dated. The songs have great crunch guitar riffs, a great bass groove, and some amazing drumming that only Carmine Appice can deliver. The Lizards' Randy Pratt guests on the record playing some bluesy harp chords. I definitely think people need to pick this up.