Band Website:


Band Members:

Peter -- guitars, vocals
China -- guitars
Doc -- drums
Jackie -- bass


01. MacBeth/Intro
02. Dark Age
03. Vicious Circle
04. Crucified Ones
05. Demon's wind
06. Decapitated Saints
07. From Beyond/Intro
08. Chaos
09. Reign-Carrion
10. Testimony
11. Breath Of Centuries
12. Omen/Intro
13. Hell Awaits

Once again the folks at Metal Minds have sent out a slew of really good metal re-releases to sink my teeth into. This is apparently one of Vader's first live albums. I can tell right off that this band has gotten better with time as a lot of bands do but damn these guys put on a great live show. Their sound even back in that time was very brutal. The guitarists are trading some pretty good riffs back and forth and the drummer is pounding his ass off. Not a bad performance at all. It's pretty cool to hear how these guys sounded back then. I think this is a good CD to pick up if you want an idea of what the band sounded like in the past. They even end the show with a kickass Slayer tune.