Band Website:


Band Members:

Peter -- vocals, guitar
Vogg -- guitar
Reyash -- bass
Paul -- drums


01. Intro
02. Shadow Fear
03. As Heavens Collide
04. Helleluyah!!! (God Is Dead)
05. Field Of Heads
06. Predator
07. Warlords
08. Red Code
09. Amongst The Ruins
10. They Live!!!
11. The Book

This is a band that I really dig. They hail from Poland and while they besiege you with heavy riffs and blast beats, they also have a good groove to their music. You get really fast technical playing along with some slower tunes. They also incorporate some black metal here and there. The vocals are your death metal growls but you can actually understand what he's going on about. I think this band is the best death metal band out there and they have definitely enjoyed some longevity being together since 1986. I have quite a bit of their work and they never cease to amaze me with their musical compositions.