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Band Members:

Peter -- guitars, vocals
Doc -- drums
Shambo -- bass
Mauser -- guitars


01. Creatures Of Light And Darkness
02. Breath Of Centuries
03. Kingdom
04. Anamnesis
05. Inhuman Disaster Mix
06. For Internal Darkness/Quicksilver Blood Mix

This is a re-release of Vader's 1998 EP. It was the second one they had done and on this new edition you get two extra tunes as well as a remastering of the others. These guys were definitely influenced by early Slayer if you listen to the solos. The guitarists are definitely quite good at their riffage and the drumming is really good. The songs are very heavy, fast, and hard. I'm mostly familiar with Vader's latest stuff so it was interesting to listen to some of this older material. There are a couple of remixed songs at the end that have tinges of an industrial sound to them. They were remixed by a couple of DJs and I really dug those. Definitely a good CD to pick up if you want an idea of their earlier sound and the two more industrial sounding remixes are a bonus.