Band Website:
Vicious Circle


Band Members:

Vinny DiBianca -- guitar
Dave Surran -- drums
Mel Leach -- bass
Brian Cook -- vocals


01. Dead Scent
02. Neurotic Reminders
03. L.O.S.
04. I Remain In Filth
05. Live Long And Suffer
06. Phantasia Through Agony
07. Triple Murder, Suicide
08. Phantom Pains
09. Unfulfillment
10. Wishing The Djinn Away
11. Spiritual Deformity
12. Written In Flesh

These guys have been putting music out since 1989. They're one of many bands in New Jersey who put out gut ripping death and thrash metal. These guys put out riffs that defy warp speed, blast beats from hell, and snarling, aggressive vocals. When you listen to the songs, you hear a variation of sounds and it sounds like totally chaotic stuff but grabs the attention of the listener. There are tempo changes and different riffs that almost make it sound like a totally different song. The songs are not overly long and you get quite a few songs for the buck. It definitely takes a couple of listens to really get a grasp of just how talented these guys are. This CD will definitely stomp your ass to the floor.