Band Website:
She Said Destroy

Band Members:

Anders -- guitar, vocals
Ace -- bass
Snorre -- guitar, vocals
Thor Henrik -- drums


01. Armageddon, Anyone
02. Time Like Vines
03. Der Untergeher
04. I Sense A Tempest Arising
05. Beyond The Borders Of Our Minds
06. Joy To The World: The Coming Of Kali
07. Shapeshifter
08. Swallow My Tongue
09. Becoming The Morningstar
10. Morituri Te Salutant

These guys hail from Norway. This is their debut album. It totally kicks ass. But what the hell else do you expect? The drum work on here is great. The song structure is pretty complicated and there's a thrash sound to the guitars. They're kind of a mixture between black and death metal with some grindcore and did I detect jazz? It's a brutal record and it sonically assaults you from beginning to end. The drumming is just insanely fast on this record. I always wonder how the hell people can do that. These guys are a pretty talented bunch and it definitely shines through here.