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Band Members:

Danny Walker -- drums
Sacha Dunable -- guitar, vocals
Leon del Muerte -- guitar, vocals
Joe Lester -- bass


01. A Monolithic Vulgarity
02. Gleamer
03. Fault Lines
04. Nostalgic Echo
05. Teledildonics
06. Iceblocks
07. Rise To Midden

These guys are just fucking amazing. Musically they are a sonic assault with complex guitar patterns and thunderous drums. This shit just totally blew me away. These are very talented musicians and to be honest the vocals aren't what caught my attention. It was the music itself. I can listen to this CD over and over, it's that fucking good. The musical passages are just so intricate and full of detail. This is more than just a metal band. They also incorporate progressive and jazz fusion along with their death metal growls. The record is just fascinating and is a must listen for everyone. Absolutely incredible.