Band Website:


Band Members:

Andre -- vocals, guitar
Nico -- bass
Boris -- drums


01. Kreuz
02. Griffel
03. Frommbug
04. Zwiggilusion
05. Stativ
06. Hospital In Wales
07. Praecrox
08. Dr. Crox Medua
09. Volt

This trio out of Germany plays something known as noise rock. That's basically rather discordant music that doesn't sound bad. Are you intrigued by this description? Then you need to check these guys out. If you like the Melvins and Helmet, you are certain to dig these guys. What's more is that it's obvious that they're influenced by these bands but yet they don't mimic them. They have their own style and I especially think the guitar work demands your attention. These guys are really amazing and it's definitely something completely different than I've heard in a while.