Band Website:
DMV Music


Band Members:
Robin McAuley -- vocals
David Vacarro -- vocals, electric guitars, bass, 6&12 string guitars, keyboards, drum machine


01. Exit Sign
02. Somebody Like You
03. The STake
04. Disclaimer
05. Time To Move On
06. Desert Run
07. You Don't Care
08. Tangled In Your Web
09. On Yer Way
10. Back To My Baby

Now this is the kind of music I like. Good old guitar driven rock and roll. And four songs have Robin McAuley at the helm. We all remember him from the McAuley/Schenker group and if you don't then you need to find the music and listen to him. The guy is an incredible vocalist. I think the songs "Exit Sign" and "Somebody Like You" will definitely grab your attention. "Desert Run" is a really good instrumental. All the songs on this release really rock. There's nothing over the top and it's just really good music that is well produced. It's got a really good 70's/80's vibe to it. That's when music was really fun to listen to and this CD brings that fun back to the listener. All in all, really good stuff.