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Band Members:

Damnagoras -- vocals
Aydan -- guitars
Gorlan -- bass
Elyghen -- keyboards, violin
Zender -- drums


01. Trows Kind
02. Swallowtail
03. The Winter Wake
04. The Wanderer
05. March Of Fools
06. On The Morning Dew
07. Devil's Carriage
08. Rats Are Following
09. Rouse Your Dream
10. Neverending Nights
11. Disillusion's Rebel

This is an interesting band. Have you ever heard the term folk metal? Well this is folk metal and I must say I'm digging on that shit. I've heard some of it before and it's pretty cool. What is even more cool is that Schmier from Destruction is a guest on the CD. You ask what is folk metal? Well it's singing about fantasy shit and mystic shit. The melodies are catchy but have a good groove to them at the same time. It's very harmonious stuff and I think people should take a listen.