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Band Members:

Mike Olson -- drums
Mark Antoni -- vocals
Steve Post -- bass
Paul Laganowski -- guitar
Takis Kinis -- guitar


01. Endless War
02. Slay The Oppressor
03. Eminence
04. Fate's Wind
05. Root Of Evil
06. Eleanor Rigby
07. This House Is Burning
08. Second Coming
09. All Heads Will Turn To The Hunt
10. Man
11. Poisoned Minds
12. Theseus And The Minotaur

This is basically a re-release of what some consider a prog metal classic and I was pretty damn impressed. This is yet another band I had not discovered before. It's amazing what kind of gems come across my desk for me to open up and put into the old CD player. I have to think Clive Weiler at the MVD for opening me up to some new music. A lot of the new stuff on the market can be a bit staid and boring so sometimes it's pleasant to discover some great music from the past. These guys are definitely a classic example of innovative and original mussic that probably influenced a lot of people who followed. While the vocals are powerful and amazing it's the musicianship that really stands out to me the most. There are so many songs on this record that are amazing. I highly recommend searching this release out and buying it.