Band Website:

Band Members:
Novy -- bass
Daray -- drums
Peter -- vocals, guitars
Mauser -- guitars


01. Para Bellum
02. This Is The War
03. Lead Us
04. Banners On The Wind
05. What Colour Is Your Blood
06. Death In Silence
07. This Is The War

Vader is one of the most incredible death metal bands I've heard so I was totally stoked about getting The Art Of War and I was not disappointed. These guys pound your ass into the ground. I think this is probably the best death metal album that's been put out so far. These guys work really hard to improve their sound and it shows. The music is raw and brutal. There are two instrumental pieces on here and a video track. I thought the production was solid. It's great to see that these guys had the opportunity to get some really great production work. Basically a kickass release. Pick it up!