Band Website:
Chris Caffery

Band Members:
Chris Caffery -- lead & background vocals, electric & acoustic guitars
Jeff Plate -- drums, percussion
Dave Z -- bass
Paul Morris -- piano, keyboards
Jon Oliva -- lead vocals (Iraq Attack)
Brian Gregory -- bass (Iraq Attack)


01. Home Is Where The Hell Is
02. God Damn War
03. Election Day
04. Erase
05. Fool, Fool!
06. Edge Of Darkness
07. Saddamize
08. "I"
09. Iraq Attack
10. W.A.R.P.E.D.
11. State Of The Head
12. Amazing Grace
13. Piece Be With You
14. Beat Me, You'll Never Beat Me
15. Curtains

Chris Caffery has been a member of a couple of bands with Jon Oliva, such as Savatage and Doctor Butcher. Here he comes out with his solo release and it's about war. With the conflicts arising in the Middle East, or some people would say being caused to arise in the Middle East, a lot of really good music is coming out of this. Debate is always essential in any democratic society and you get both sides of the issue musically. I do have to agree that war is definitely warped and he comes across with that message loud and clear on this record. The album has the feel of a concept album and in it's way it is. You hear all of the emotions that war brings and Chris' social commentary is biting and at times sarcastic and frustrated. Definitely a recommended listen.