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The Peaceful Warrior


01. Way Of The Peaceful Warrior (Dan Millman)
02. Long Gone Now (David Gray)
03. Simple Perfection (Dan Millman)
04. Had A Dream (Bird York)
05. Surrender Control Accept (Dan Millman)
06. Blue In The Sky (Joe Purdy)
07. Mind Is Not Present (Dan Millman)
08. I Will Be Waiting (Kelly Sweet)
09. Adversity And Choice (Dan Millman)
10. In Such Crooked Time (Centro-Matic)
11. Asleep Your Whole Life? (Dan Millman)
12. I'm There Too (Michelle Featherstone)
13. Be Happy Now (Dan Millman)
14. Answering Our Prayers (Dropping Daylight)
15. Being Human (Dan Millman)
16. The Only Evidence (John Ralston)
17. Breathing (Dan Millman)
18. Bodies and Minds (Great Lake Swimmers)
19. Change (Dan Millman)
20. Johnny Viola (Shearwater)
21. Constructive Action (Dan Millman)
22. Sensing Owls (Jose Gonzalez)
23. Emotions Are Like Weather (Dan Millman)
24. Even Tho (Joseph Arthur)
25. Unreasonable Happiness (Dan Millman)
26. Everybody (Raul Midon)
27. You Suffer (Dan Millman)
28. Under The Sun (Jon Anderson)
29. Life Is Not A Private Affair (Dan Millman)

This was a pretty interesting CD. There were spoken word parts in between the songs which was pretty unique. I had never encountered that before. My understanding is that this particular movie is based on a book written by a guy who has been an athlete, coach, martial arts instructor, and a professor. The man has had an amazing life on that alone. I think the songs selected for this movie soundtrack were a good choice. They appear to be uplifting and inspirational songs which I think is the whole theme of the movie. In between songs you listen to Millman reading from his work which is kind of different and takes some time to get used to. I'm definitely interested in seeing the film.