Band Website:

Band Members:
Matti Karki -- vocals
David Blomqvist -- guitars
Martin Persson -- guitars
Tobia Christiansson -- bass
Fred Estby -- drums


01. Shadows Of The Mutilated
02. Time Has Nothing
03. Autopsy
04. Never Forget, Never Forgive
05. Trail Of The Dead
06. Phantoms (Of The Oath)
07. Into The Temple Of Humiliation
08. Blood For Paradise
09. Feel The Darkness
10. Where No Ghost Is Holy

Dismember is a band out of Sweden and while their sound isn't quite enough to be referred to as Gothenburg, there is definitely that Gothenburg influence. One thing that I really enjoyed about this CD is that they experiment with different styles of music and no two songs sound the same. Also there are some killer riffs and solos. "Phantoms (Of The Oath) is a kickass instrumental. "Where No Ghost Is Holy" is a very catchy song. The album is heavy and and has plenty of melodic tunes on it. Be prepared to be sonically dismembered.