Band Website:
Theta Naught


Band Members:

Ryan Stanfield -- bass, saw
Jared Stanfield -- keyboards
Peter Romney -- cello
Darren Corey -- drums, theremin
Greg Corey -- lap-slide guitar


01. Argus Flectus
02. The Invitation
03. Parts
04. In The Wee Hours
05. To Harpo Matrx In Heaven
06. Memory Sees In Slices
07. Seven
08. How Long Did It Last
09. How We Sound Together
10. Animal
11. Take It
12. That One

I admit I had to listen to this CD a couple of times. One CD has spoken word on it and one is instrumental. I really enjoyed Alex Caldiero's poetry. There was song on there called "The Invitation" that I really enjoyed. The spoken part was just awesome. I could actually picture something coming in and making itself at home and inviting you to make yourself at home in your own home. The instrumental CD was pretty cool but I definitely loved the one with the spoken word.