Band Website:
Brian "Head" Welch


Band Members:

Brian Welch - vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, synthesizers, programming
Archie J. Muise, Jr. - rhythm guitar
Trevor Dunn - bass
Tony Levin - bass
Josh Freese - drums


01. L.O.V.E.
02. Flush
03. Loyalty
04. Re-Bel
05. Home
06. Save Me From Myself
07. Die Religion Die
08. Adonai
09. Money
10. Shake
11. Washed By Blood

I have to admit that I dug the record. It's a nice heavy, hard hitting record. It's also a very emotional one. After battling alcohol and drugs for several years, Welch decided to check into rehab and go on a spiritual journey which apparently has worked well for him. I myself am not a Christian but I guess if that works for you then it does. He definitely has a star studded backing band on the record and it's definitely a very solid one. His guitar playing is very tight and melodic and this being a solo record as opposed to being in a band, he seems to be exploring more avenues and it has quite a bit of depth to it. Lyrically the record attests to the struggles he went through with his addictions and how he overcame them and basically found himself again with a little spiritual guidance. I hope that he does not depend too much on that but is a very strong person who can keep clean now that he is. All in all the record was a pleasure to listen to and I look forward to more of the same.