Band Website:
John Wetton


Band Members:

John Wetton -- vocals, bass, acoustic guitar
John Mitchell -- guitar
Martin Orford -- keyboards


01. The Circle Of St. Giles
02. Mondrago
03. Heat Of The Moment
04. Book Of Saturday
05. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
06. Hold Me Now
07. Emma
08. Battle Lines
09. Night Watch
10. You're Not The Only One
11. I Believe In You

John Wetton is best known as being a member of Asia and is a very talented musician. He recorded the majority of this CD in Poland and the final mix was done in the South Africa. Definitely what I'd call a pretty international piece of work. This was basically an acoustic concert that stripped everything down and allowed his musical talents to shine through. Most of the music is from stuff he did with Asia, King Crimson, and his solo work. "Heat Of The Moment" which was always one of my favorite Asia tunes is a bit stripped down and slower but you really get to hear what a beautiful melody and strong composition it is. Normally I hate it when people slow down song tempos but this comes across really well. The two instrumental pieces on here, "The Circle Of St. Giles" and "Mondrago" are absolutely excellent. The whole texture of the performance is warm with long musical interludes and very good guitar solos. The whole release has a rather classical and symphonic feel to it. I highly recommend people pick this release up. You won't be disappointed.