Band Website:


Band Members:

Phil Bozeman -- vocals
Ben Savage -- guitar
Alex Wade -- guitar
Zach Householder -- guitar
Gabe Crisp -- bass
Kevin Lane -- drums


01. Necrotizing (Intro)
02. The Somatic Defilement
03. Devirgintion Studies
04. Prostatic Fluid
05. Fairy Fay
06. Ear To Ear
07. Alone In The Morgue
08. Festering Fiesta
09. Vice Exiciser
10. Ariculo Mortis

All I can say about this is that it's fucking brutal. If you love brutal metal, this is your band. This band hails from Knoxville, Tennessee and is named after the infamous district where Jack The Ripper used to have his fun. This is their debut release and their style is a combination of sludge, grind, and death metal. Sometimes a death metal bands tend to sound the same which is hard to avoid because it's the same type of playing and subject matter. Whitechapel does have a variation when it comes to the tempo of their songs. The tempos can range from being fast to being slow. Sometimes they can throw in some great guitar playing and even some synthesizer. The vocalist goes from cookie monster to shrieking in a matter of nano seconds. There are also three guitarists which is very rare in bands but I have come across that before and it definitely adds to the versatility of the band's music. This is definitely a great debut release and hopefully they will be able to continue the momentum they've started.