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Band Members:

Chris Bennett -- guitar, death vocals
Peter Lemieux -- drums
Joshua Pantke -- bass
John E. Wooten, IV -- guitar, clean vocals


01. First Born
02. We Will Meet Again
03. Beware The Night
04. Teachers Pet
05. Cult Of Life
06. I'll Make You A Star
07. At The End
08. Beauty Queen
09. Night Life
10. Ain't Talkin Bout Love
11. I Stole Your Love

Nightlife has had a lineup change. Lili is gone and John E. Wooten now does the clean vocals. Their music is pretty fucking cool. It's an interesting mixture of 80's style glam rock, power metal, and some harder shit as well. Guitar solo lovers will absolutely love this record as it has plenty of extended solos. The guitar riffs are incredible and there is melody galore. There are also a couple of cover songs on the record. Van Halen's "Ain't Talking Bout Love" and KISS' "I Stole Your Love". What's really wild about this record are the vocals. There is a combination of clean vocals and death vocals. Some people may find this kind of fucking weird but it's an interesting touch.