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Band Members:

Griffen Stewart -- vocals, guitar
Squirrel -- bass
Bill Remy -- drums


01. E-Machine
02. Americans On The Mend
03. Chance
04. Leavin'
05. One Being Free
06. If Believe
07. Naked Free
08. Something Found
09. Want
10. Freedom
11. Riding On

I popped this CD into the player and I was pretty enthralled with it. Don't ask me why but the first two tracks seem to have at least to me a Black Sabbath "Fairies Wear Boots" kind of vibe to them. The third track has a really Irish almost U2 kind of vibe to it. I totally enjoyed the entire CD. It just captivates your attention from beginning to end. The songs are very strong and the lyrical content is definitely worth paying attention to. It's about time our consciousness is a little more aware of the things that are happening around us. It's rather humorous how you're constantly implored to worry about evil without but overlook the evil within.