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Paul Stanley


Band Members:

Paul Stanley -- vocals, guitar, percussion
Corky James -- guitars, bass
Sean Harley -- bass
Bruce Kulick -- bass
Andreas Carlsson -- guitars
Brad Fernquist -- solo
John 5 -- solo
Harry Sommerdahl -- keyboards, programmimg
Russ Irwin -- keyboards
Greg Kurstin -- piano
Zac Mae -- piano
Victor Indrizzo -- drums


01. Live To Win
02. Lift
03. Wake Up Screaming
04. Everytime I See You Around
05. Bulletproof
06. All About You
07. Second To None
08. It's Not Me
09. Loving You Without You Now
10. Where Angels Dare

I guess if we aren't going to get a new KISS studio album then this works just as well. It's nice to see Paul doing some of his own music. Desmond Child is a songwriter who has done a lot of work with KISS and Bon Jovi and Alice Cooper. He puts together some great stuff. "Everytime I See You Around" has to be my all time favorite on this disc. This is definitely a Paul Stanley CD. And I have to say it is a hell of a lot better than the Gene Simmons solo CD.