Band Website:
Rise Above Records


Band Members:

Paul Fyfe -- vocals, guitar
Nigel Ingram -- bass
Chris Fullard -- keyboards
Andy Prestidge -- drums


01. Fried
02. Aftershown
03. Oh No!
04. Endless Fight
05. Life Was So Simple
06. Mark My Word
07. Two Wrongs Make A Right
08. I'm A Destroyer
09. No Will
10. Did Me In
11. Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies

These guys describe their music as down tempo, psychedelic, and black metal. Pretty apt description. Being a lover of black metal this was yet another delightful feast that came across my desk. They rather remind me of Black Sabbath when they first started out but with some weird pschedelic shit mixed in. It's pretty weird shit and some folks say it sounds like they're spaced out on drugs. It also sounds reminiscent of the 60s and 70s. And quite frankly if these guys are spaced out on drugs then keep them coming because these dudes are putting some really interesting tunes. It's just so unlike anything else I've been hearing lately and I love it.