Band Website:


Band Members:

Jacob Bredahl -- vocals
Peter Lyse Hansen -- guitar
Mikael Ehlert -- bass
Henrik Bastrup Jacobsen -- guitar
Anders Gylden°hr -- drums


01. The White Fever
02. The Fallen Shall Rise In A River Of Blood
03. Reaper Of Life
04. Sickness Within
05. Murderous Intent
06. The Coming Of Chaos
07. Bleed To Death
08. Heaven Is Ready To Fall
09. Seeds Of Shame
10. Chamber Master
11. Marked By Darkness

Well my friends if you're looking for some thrash metal that is going to kick your ass with ferocity and viciousness then the Danish unit known as Hatesphere will accomplish that feat. These guys put out an EP called The Killing EP which was a teaser for the sonic assault that I am experiencing now and it was well worth the wait. These guys are fucking brutal as hell and they aim to blow your fucking mind. These guys have a wide range of influences from death metal to thrash to hardcore to rock and you can find all these influences in their music. The songs are catchy and aggressive and basically pummeled me into fucking mush and I'm a pretty tough chick. Kick my ass some more please.