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Band Members:

Niilo Sevšnen -- vocals, bass
Ville Friman -- guitars
Ville Všnni -- guitars
Markus Hirvonen -- drums


1. The Gale
2. Mortal Share
3. Drawn To Black
4. Change Of Heart
5. At The Gates Of Sleep
6. The Killjoy
7. Last Statement
8. Devoid Of Caring
9. In The Groves Of Death

Finland has a good reputation for putting out great bands and they've done well with this one. This is their third release and I guess what sets these guys apart is that they have dual lead guitars that cooperate with each other and they incorporate acoustic playing into their music. They take the Gothenburg style and put a twist into it. The album is extremely heavy but has that acoustic playing melded into it and it works. The vocalist switches between growls and screams and sometimes will even go into whispers. He definitely puts his all into his vocals. Take the dual riff work and the pounding rhythm section along with the intense vocal work and you have another fine Finnish release in my opinion.