Band Website:
Street Dogs

Band Members:
Mike McColgan -- lead vocals
Johnny Rioux -- bass, vocals
Marcus Hollar -- guitar, vocals
Joe Sirois -- drums, vocals


01. Strike A Blow
02. You Alone
03. In Defense Of Dorchester
04. Back To The World
05. Tale Of Mass Deception
06. Drink Tonight
07. Stagger
08. White Collar Fraud
09. Patrick
10. Pull The Pin
11. Hands Down
12. Unions And The Law

This band fucking kicks ass! Buy this CD! Buy it now! The music is very melodic and well played. Great riffs and great drumming. The vocals are clean and very melodious. The lyrics are extremely well written and you can tell a lot of thought has been put into them. This is a band that is all about the blue collar working class of this country and that is something I can identify with. This music is passionate and heartfelt and there is no pretense in any of it. Mike McColgan was the vocalist for Dropkick Murphys in case that name sounds familiar to you. The album has a very positive message, catchy songs that you sing along to, and it's a breath of fresh air.