Band Website:

Band Members:
Susan Grandall -- vocals, acoustic guitar
David Grandall -- bass, vocals, didjeridu
Tommy Thomas -- electric guitar
Dan Hale -- drums
Ducado Vega -- keyboards


01. Afraid
02. Famous
03. Wanna Be
04. Fractured
05. Smile
06. Pissed Off
07. Sexy Thang
08. She Waits
09. Wash Away
10. Stay
11. We Can Make It
12. Beautiful

This band is a little on the mellow side of things but I find this woman's voice to be stunning. It's very soulful to be honest. She doesn't need to scream or growl or yell to get her point across. She just very quietly sings and it's very soothing and very expressive. The backing music is a very well played and accompanies her voice perfectly. She is never drowned out by any of the instruments. The CD is well produced and the more you listen to it, the more you get out of it. Defintely a gem. A highly recommended one.