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Band Members:

Chris Astley -- vocals, guitar
Kristian Havard -- guitar
Paul MacKenzie -- bass
Dennis Gasser -- drums


01. Questions
02. For Whose Advantage
03. The Human Condition
04. False Ideals
05. The Bitter End
06. New Beginnings
07. Desperate Remedies
08. Kept In The Dark
09. Black Embrace
10. Running White Faced City Boy
11. Pure Thought (bonus)
12. Shadows Of Doubt (bonus)
13. Balance Of Power (bonus)
14. Kept In The Dark (bonus)
15. Crimes(bonus)
16. Ghostbusters(bonus)

Apparently these guys were signed to Roadrunner Records in 1989 and made something of a stir. I of course had never heard these guys but fortunately Metal Mind has fixed that situation for me. I think what I really dig on this CD is a thrash version of "Ghostbusters". That's just too fucking cool. It's a very energetic album and kind of reminds me of Metallica's Master of Puppets. I think the guitar riffs on this CD are great and the melodies and lyrics definitely makes this band stand apart from others. There's definitely a lot of talent in this band and I think if you want some fresh thrash in your collection, you might want to find a copy of this CD.