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Band Members:

Chris Astley -- vocals, guitar
Kristian Havard -- guitar
Paul MacKenzie -- bass
Dennis Gasser -- drums


01. The Order Of Chaos
02. A Friend To You
03. All Bleed Red
04. No More Time
05. Waiting
06. Come Tomorrow
07. Release
08. See Through You
09. Another Way
10. Reward (Order Of Chaos single)
11. Never Be (demo)
12. The Hand That Feeds Itself (demo)
13. Silence (demo)

This CD is a bit different from the other two I've listened to. It's more heavy metal than thrash and speed so it's not quite as fast paced. There's definitely a pretty catchy groove on this one and has some really strong songs on it. I really enjoyed listening to the entire disc and I think they were finally finding their own.