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Band Members:

Chris Astley -- vocals, guitar
Kristian Havard -- guitar
Paul MacKenzie -- bass
Dennis Gasser -- drums


01. No Compromise
02. Balance Of Power
03. Crimes
04. Back In The Real World
05. Dark Enemy
06. Bad Blood
07. Reasons For Destruction
08. Position Of Security
09. Heaven Cent
10. Ghost Busters (bonus)
11. Nobody's Perfect (bonus)
12. Interrogate (bonus)

This particular CD was recorded in two weeks. This band definitely is influenced by Metallica. Some of the songs that stand out to me are "Back In The Real World" and "Bad Blood". Great guitar riffs and strong song structures dominate this entire album and the vocals are definitely a treat. Kind of reminiscent of Hetfield but not exactly the same. There's definitely a nice mix of thrash styles and the record keeps your attention all the way through.