Band Website:

Band Members:
N-Ikonoclast -- vocals
Xraphæl -- guitars, programmingv KKTZ -- bass
Next-X@nctum -- keyboards
Xenos -- drums


01. In The Name Of Freedom
02. Condemned
03. Kirillow's Bullet (Aleksjej Nilyc: A Russian Trilogy Pt. 1)
04. D-Generation
05. Icons In The Dust
06. Un Petalo Di Pieta'
07. Getsemani
08. The Source Becoms Desert
09. Holy Bleeds (Rodian Romanyc: A Russian Trilogy Pt.2)
10. Pain, Pride Aand Regret
11. Leaving No Trace Behind (Ivan Karamazov: A Russian Trilogy Pt. 3)
12. In the Name of Freedom (Reprise)

This was some amazing shit. They incorporate several different styles of music into a multi layered sound. The vocals were very interesting. You have male vocals and operatic female vocals so I really dug on that. I don't know what else I can say except that I had this album blasting in the car and it was completely different from a lot of the releases I've reviewed so far. I think people need this CD.