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Band Members:

Eric Xodik -- all instruments


01. Afterburn
02. Blue Cobra
03. Fractal Resonance
04. Hangar 19
05. Muluc
06. Shiva
07. Hangar 20
08. Tika Bhairab
09. Thirteen Moon
10. 99 Days
11. Nada Bhrama
12. Hangar 21
13. Afterburn 2
14. Theta Wave

This intergalactic individual sent me his CD a while back and I popped it into the player. I liked it so much I put the tunes on my iPod and took them to the gym with me. The music is definitely quite addictive. It's basically psychedelic guitar infused instrumentals. It's in the same vein as I would say Joe Satriani or Steve Vai so if you like really well done guitar instrumentals then you should pick this up. It's kind of hard to listen to all of it in one setting but it makes for good music to work out to or you can mix it up with other stuff for a really cool mix.