Band Website:

Band Members:
Andreas Kisser -- guitars
Igor Cavalera -- drums
Derrick Green -- vocals
Paolo Pinto -- bass

01. Intro #4
02. Dark Wood Of Error
03. Convicted In Life
04. City Of Dis
05. False
06. Fighting On
07. Intro #2
08. Ostia
09. Buried Words
10. Nuclear Seven
11. Repeating The Horror
12. Intro #1
13. Crown And Miter
14. Intro #3
15. Still Flame

This CD was really cool to jam to. It's a concept album based on Dante's Divine Comedy, which if you haven't read it you should. They split the CD into three parts: "Inferno", "Purgatory", and "Paradise". These guys basically explored Dante's work and put it to music. I wonder if Dante ever thought his work would be expressed through metal. The CD is brutal and heavy and right to the point. I think this is their strongest piece of work and Derrick really kicks ass on the vocals of this one. The record is aggressive and tight and I think it's a really good representation of where the band is at right now.