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Band Members:

James Staffel -- drums, percussion, keyboards
Matt McClelland -- guitars, vocals
Jackson -- bass
Brice Lamont -- saxophone, clarinet, vocals, effects


01. Cancer Of Industry
02. Plecostomus
03. Monkeytail
04. Transmission Ends...Signal Lost
05. Dishonor
06. 20 Bucks
07. Exterminator
08. Just Say Know
09. Glory Hole
10. Back To The Mountain

You always know you're in for a treat when you see instruments that aren't usually used in metal. These guys always present you with a musical treat. These guys take several different genres of music and mix them together and get it right. They know how to combine sounds that come across as the most coolest thing you've heard. They are a metal band at heart but at the same time they create an atmosphere of ambience and jazz. If you're looking for a band that doesn't mind experimenting with their sound and you love metal, these guys are what you're looking for. If you're interested in being educated and expanding your mind, then look up samsara and read up on it.